Friday, 7 October 2016

Welcome to Term 4 Kereru 4

Welcome back everyone. I look forward to seeing you Monday October 10th at 8:50.

Come ready to have fun, ready to learn and bring your smiles!

Thank you to our Inquiry Reveal Hosts from Term 3
Nimisha, Darnarah and Zahir
You were awesome!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Zoo Trip

It's almost here!

Dear Parents/Whanau,
This term Ranui Primary is learning about “WHAI KOHA - Respecting the Living World” we are specifically looking at “Endangered Animals”. As a part of this term’s Inquiry Topic we are visiting the Auckland Zoo.
The Kiwi Whanau, Kereru Whanau and Tui 1, Tui 2 and Tui 4 will be visiting the Auckland Zoo on Friday 24th June.
When: Friday 24th June
Time: 9am – 2:45pm

The cost: $8.00

Remember to bring:
your morning tea and lunch
a raincoat and boots if wet
your sense of adventure!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Watermelon Writing

Kereru 4 started this term using the 5 senses to make our writing more interesting.
We used 
sight, smell, taste,touch and hearing

and we wrote about WATERMELON !!!

Of course, we tried it first and used all our senses to talk about it.

Then we wrote about it.

Finally we had our buddies check our writing to make sure we had used all five senses in our descriptions.

Check out Buster's awesome writing.

Watermelon is green and it tastes sweet. The inside is red and the outside is green. When I ate it, it sounded crunchy and tasty. I love watermelon because it is so sweet. When I knock on it, it sounds like knocking on a wall. It is so fresh and huge.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Welcome to Kereru 4,
I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday February 3rd.
Come ready to tell me about your summer adventures!

Whaea Caryn